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Metallica 1983

Walnut Creek, CA
Nov 1983

Metallica 1985

The Four Horsemen
July 1985

Metallica 1986

Texas Record store signing
June 1986

Metallica Rehearsal

I collect 1980's Metallica albums w/ autographs, tickets, & other memorabilia. I have been a huge Metallica fan since high school (1984) when they first played on the East Coast. I have traveled across the United States to see them in concert over 100 times and have collected quite a few items along the way.

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Cliff Burton is my favorite to collect. As a heavy metal bass player he has since been unmatched. His short time as one of the Four Horsemen changed the face of heavy metal music forever.

James Hetfield masterfully transformed from a shy California kid into the premier heavy metal front man. He has changed his look many times over the years, but his intensity and love for all Metallica has never waivered.

Lars Ulrich had the NWOBHM vision that transformed a bunch of California partying kids into a well oiled rock and roll dynasty. His passion and energy on the drums can be seen at every show.

Kirk Hammett didnt have to think twice about leaving his original band Exodus when James & Lars asked him to replace former lead guitarists Dave Mustaine. He was a perfect fit from day one.

Jason Newsted rocked as part of the Metallica machine for over half of the Metallica world domination. He played on studio albums And Justice For All through Reload. He has a style all his own and can jam with the best of them.

Rob Trujillo made his mark with Suicidal Tendencies, then Infectious Grooves, Black Label Society & also with Jerry Cantrell & Ozzy. His life changed forever when he joined Metallica in 2003. No one "apes" around the stage playing bass like he does !

"We're Metallica... and this is what we do."
- James Hetfield 10/30/09