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January 30th, 2016

My Metallica Collection

Cliff Burton:

I have many Cliff Burton items in my collection. The few shown below are my favorites.

1983 Metallica signed dollar bill - front 1983 Metallica signed dollar bill - back

This dollar bill was signed by Metallica in Middletown, NY - late December 1983
It was the first trip the band ever made to the East Coast.
The metal head that I got this from drank Vodka with the band all night in a bar called JB's.
He recalls them drinking an insane amount of Vodka and signing stuff for everyone.
It was really cold out that night & the guys were not used to it, so he lent Cliff his scarf.
A few weeks later his brother got the scarf back from Cliff at a show.
James, Lars & Cliff all signed on the front with red marker.
James signed his name. Lars wrote: " KILL !!! "
Kirk signed in ballpoint pen on the back:" FUCKIN' METAL !! "
Cliff made George Washington into the Hell On Earth Tour devil monster.

1985 Alcoholica tabletop easel ad

Here is a Smirnoff Vodka cardboard stand up display ad. It measures 7 1/2" by 5 3/4".
The guys were well known for drinking huge amounts of Vodka 1983-1986
They were given the affectionate name of "Alcoholica" but this is one of the only times
I have seen the name in print.
I just love how happy they all look, especially Cliff.
An ad like this would never be produced today.

Handwritten letter to fan from Cliff Burton's mother

James Hetfield says Cliff Burton's mom is : "Metallica's biggest fan"
Mrs. Burton wrote this letter to a Metallica fan about 3 months after Cliff's death.
The content is priceless - need I say more.

Dear Punky:
Mr. Burton, Cliff's sister Connie and I wish to thank you for your very special letter in rememberance of Cliff. Cliff was a very special person, not only a very talented musician but also one of the kindest most considerate people on this earth. We will all remember him with deep love and pride. Remember Cliff and never give up on your dream.
Mrs. Burton