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January 30th, 2016

My Metallica Collection

Concert fliers, advertisements & handbills:

Metallica concerts were promoted and advertised in all shapes and sizes. Ron McGovney & Lars Ulrich drew up many of the early show fliers, using the Metallica logo that James Hetfield had designed. Later on the clubs did most of the promoting. Once Metallica was signed by Megaforce Records, the band no longer had to handle their own promoting. The original concert fliers below are from 1982 through 1986. I have many other photocopies of early Metallica concert fliers as well.

Assorted Metallica handbills & concert fliers Metallica flier from August 18, 1982 at Troubadour - 19th show they ever played One of Metallica's first East Coast shows - July 27, 1983 at the Royal Manor in NJ Only flier showing Cliff Burton & Dave Mustaine together Metallica poster March 19, 1983 at The Stone - 2nd show with Cliff Burton Metallica flier November 18, 1983 in Bellevue or Portland, Wash Metallica newspaper ad for small Port Jervis, NY show in January 1984 Metallica handbill December 31, 1985 at San Francisco Civic Auditorium - premier Master of Puppets Metallica flier May 26, 1986 at Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis, MN Ozzy Osbourne handbill with Metallica as opening act June 13, 1986 at Long Beach Theater Metallica handbill November 15, 1986 in Japan - 3rd show with Jason Newsted