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January 30th, 2016

My Metallica Collection


These are original Metallica posters. They are in order from earliest to latest. Some of the posters are signed by the band. Posters were usually signed at record store signings or other personal meetings. Autographed tour posters are not as common as signed photos or albums.

1984 signed Metallica Hell on Earth Tour poster

The Hell On Earth Tour was scheduled to begin on March 21, 1984.
Metallica was going to play with Anthrax, The Rods & Exciter.
The ticket sales were terrible so the tour was cancelled.
This poster was most likely signed over in Europe around the time of the tour.
You're more likely to see this poster signed in black marker.
This silver paint marker signing is much scarcer.
James wrote: "Fuck Em Up !"
Kirk wrote: " Death By Vodka !"
Cliff wrote: "DIE DIE DIE" (from Creeping Death)
and Lars just signed his name.

1986 signed Master of Puppets Tour poster

The Master Of Puppets Tour started in Europe on Sept. 10th, 1986.
Metallica played 13 shows until the tour ended on Sept. 27 when their tour bus crashed in Sweden and Cliff Burton left us forever.
This poster was signed after the show played on Sept. 18 at the Sheffield City Hall Auditorium in Sheffield, Great Britain.
Everyone signed their names in black marker,
except for Cliff that used a blue ballpoint pen to sign his middle finger.
This was a tough poster to get signed since the tour was shortened by the accident &
James had a cast on his broken wrist & John Marshall filled in on guitar.
You can see that James signature is not the greatest,
but you try signing your name with one hand in a cast.
The guy I bought this from said the band was totally wiped out after the show,
but still managed to sign autographs for the fans.

1986 Metallica poster with Cliff Burton

1987 Garage Days Re-Revisited promotional album release poster

1988 And Justice For All promotional album release poster

1989 Metallica poster signed in 1993 by band at New York City record store

This poster was produced in 1989 during the Damaged Justice Tour.
It was signed in February 1993 at a record store in New York City.
Lars wrote : " 93 NYC "
& Jason wrote : " 93 "
both James & Kirk signed their shortened names.

1991 Metallica poster signed in 1994 by band at a Cleveland,Ohio hotel

This poster was produced in 1991 during the "Black Album" release.
It was signed in a Cleveland hotel on June 17, 1994 just a few months before Metallica played at the Woodstock Festival.
It is the only poster I have ever seen where
each member signed with a different color art marker.
The poster is mounted on a foam core sheet so it can be displayed anywhere.

I have more Metallica posters

but these are my favorite