Metallicallector My Metallica albums

These early signed
Metallica albums
took me years to collect.

They are the best copies
and earliest signings
that I have found.

I only collect albums
that come from the
original owner
w/ verified signing date.

There are way too many
forgeries out there !!!
I see fakes sold as real
all too often.

I do not believe that
all "authenticators"
can be right 100% of the time.

To protect the
signatures & images
of my Metallica collection
I did not provide close ups.

January 30th, 2016

My Metallica Collection

Autographed albums:

All of these Metallica albums are the first U.S. printings and most were signed soon after the release date. It's much easier to get an album signed years after release, but these albums were mostly signed while the band was touring for each. Some of them were signed at record store signings. Some of them were signed at concerts. I have listed them in the order that they were signed.

1983 signed Metallica Kill Em All album sleeve - Lars Ulrich & Kirk Hammett 1983 signed Metallica Kill Em All album sleeve - James Hetfield & Cliff Burton

This very scarce Kill Em All inner sleeve was signed at
the Record Exchange in Walnut Creek, CA on Nov. 26th,1983
Being signed only 4 months after release it is easily one of the first 100,000 copies.
Kirk Hammett wrote: "Kill The Posers" & Lars Ulrich signed: "Metal Fuckin' Militia"
James Hetfield wrote: " Whiplass" then wrote over the second "s" to make "Whiplash"
& Cliff Burton wrote: "Gimme Beer God Dammit"

1985 signed Metallica Ride The Lightning Album

This Megaforce Records copy of Ride The Lightning was signed at
Reflexions in St. Louis, MO on February 15th, 1985
This was the first time Metallica ever played in St. Louis
Relexions burned down shortly after.
It was about the 20th show Metallica played in the U.S. after the release of RTL.
They spent all of 1984 in Europe & part of 1985 in Canada before touring the U.S.
Since it was signed after the show, they did not right anything except their names.
The silver paint marker was used by Lars, Cliff & Kirk, but then it ran out so
James Hetfiled had to use a gold paint marker.
I also have the unpublished concert photos from this show.

1986 signed Metallica Master Of Puppets cassette sleeve - James Hetfiled & Cliff Burton 1986 signed Metallica Master Of Puppets cassette sleeve - Lars Ulrich & Kirk Hammett

Here is an autographed Master Of Puppets cassette sleeve. It was signed at
Barney Googles Bar in the Holiday Inn, Brecksville, Ohio on April 9th,1986
Metallica signed it only 6 weeks after MOP was released.
It was signed for a magazine photographer that was shooting their shows.
Lars, Cliff & Kirk signed in black magic marker.
James was drunk and had a hard time signing with a ball point pen.
I have a picture of the photographer & James in the bar that night.

1986 signed Metallica Whiplash EP - front side 1986 signed Metallica Whiplash EP - back side

This Metallica Whiplash EP was signed at the AC Brase Arena Building
Cape Girardeau, MO on May 24th, 1986
The show was the day after a tornado so only a few 100 people attended.
The EP was signed as they got off the bus.
Lars Ulrich signed his name on the front & also "HELP !"
James,Cliff & Kirk all signed on the back but
James also wrote on the front a balloon coming out of his mouth "Fuck Johnny Z!"
Metallica was no longer managed by Johhny Zazula and this was a Megaforce EP
James really never liked this cover photo.
I also have unpublished photos of before, during and after this show.

1986 signed Metallica Master Of Puppets album

I do not know the exact date of this album signing but
it is one of the best signed Master Of Puppets I have ever seen.
The band took great care in signing it & it's in perfect condition.
It was most likely signed for someone the band knew or maybe someone important.
They did not right anything crazy on it.
According to Cliff's signature it must have been signed somewhere late in the MOP tour.
He only signed his name exactly this way for a short time before his last days.
Prophetically Cliff signed exactly in the center on the tombstone cross.

1988 signed Metallica Garage Days Re Revisited EP

This EP was the first release featuring Jason Newsted.
Garage Days Re-Revisited was released in the U.S. on August 21,1987
The first show Metallica played after its release was May 23rd, 1988
This was signed at a record shop in Detroit, MI on June 17th, 1988
Lars Ulrich signed over Kirk's face, which none of them did very often.
This is the last LP or EP that everyone in the band still signed their full signature.

1988 signed And Justice For All album

This was the first full album featuring Jason Newsted.
And Justice For All was released in the U.S. on August 25,1988
The first show Metallica played after its release was Sept. 11th, 1988
This was signed at the FNAC Record Store in Paris, FR on Sept. 19th, 1988
It is the Vertigo U.K. version.
This was one of the last times you will see Kirk right anything immature like "KILL !"

I collect Metallica signed albums
up to 1991

I am looking for a signed
"Black" album

& also an autographed
Creeping Death EP